Back-up Power Systems

What critical appliances and machinery in your home, office, guest house, shop or factory do you need to operate during power load shedding hours?

At Ecotech we design systems that closely match the needs and expectations of our clients, therefore we start with the end in mind – tell us what power you need when the lights go out, and we will provide you with a solution you can depend on.

Our systems range in size from small household units to large commercial systems.

Solar PV can be added to most systems so that the sun charges the battery bank during daylight hours. More solar charging means less utility power is drawn to charge the batteries, so you will have a lower monthly utility bill.

We use equipment from leading brand names such as Schneider, Victron and Mastervolt.
  • Small home systems to operate a flat-screen TV, decoder and a couple of lights for 2-4 hours. Compact cabinets with high quality modified sine wave inverter, one or two deep cycle batteries, and sockets to plug any of these appliances into
  • Larger whole-house systems with pure sine wave inverter wired into the distribution board. Store power in the battery bank which can be housed in a neat battery cabinet in your garage. Operate critical appliances in the house such as a fridge, microwave, several TVs, sound system, security system and flood lights
  • B&B and Guest House systems to operate washing machines, multiple TV and decoder systems, pathway lighting, dining room lighting and security system
  • Office systems for multiple computer and printer stations, office lighting, staff canteen fridge and microwave
  • Shop systems to operate the tills, credit card machines, a computer and some critical lighting
  • Factory systems to operate critical machinery and to keep your employees working

Back-up Power Systems
Back-up Power Systems
Back-up Power Systems
Back-up Power Systems

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