Welcome to Ecotech Energy. A renewable energy engineering company servicing Southern Africa. A division of Ecotech Engineering Pty Ltd

We have a passion for renewable energy and the benefits this brings to us all.

Energy security has become one of the leading global issues of our time and is high on the agenda of most governments around the world. Along with food security, water security and global warming ( all of which are inter-related ), non-fossil based energy sources are rapidly being developed and are making a significant contribution to the energy needs of visionary countries. In South Africa, IPP’s (Independent Power Producers) have already been able to fill a significant part of the energy gap that exists between supply and demand in South Africa, based largely on renewable energy sources such as Solar PV and CSP (Concentrated Solar Power).

As individual households or businesses, our desire to pursue renewable energy sources, such as Solar PV or Wind Turbine may have different motivations. There is a more emotional response to temporary energy outages ( load shedding & infrastructure deterioration ) that requires us to make a grudging decision to install electricity back-up systems or we may be driven by a more strategic vision of energy independence and wanting to make a genuine difference to global warming and its negative impact.

Whatever your motivation, we are here to turn your ideas into reality by designing and providing you with world class solutions and products that you can trust.

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Our other division, Ecotech Hydro is a water treatment engineering company providing professional, high quality water purification solutions you can trust.