Energy Usage Calculation

The cost of a solar house/building system will depend on several factors, including peak power needed, how much power is used per 24 hours, size of the system, number of reserve power days needed (autonomy), location, environment, and very importantly, the quality of the equipment used. You will be making a large investment, so make sure the equipment will last. With solar equipment, cheaper is not better.

Here are some rough budget prices of solar energy systems to power various sizes of houses/buildings:
  • Rural hut/house – a couple of lights, TV, cellphone/laptop charger, and an energy efficient fridge (larger system only): R15 000 – R50 000
  • Small house - kitchen, lounge, 2 bedrooms: R100 000 - R250 000
  • Medium house - kitchen, lounge, TV room, garage, 3 bedrooms, pool: R250 000 - R400 000
  • Large house - kitchen, lounges, TV rooms, garages, 5+ bedrooms, pool: R500 000 - R1 million

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