Company Profile


When Bill Annetts founded Ecotech Engineering in 2008 there was no indication of the energy crisis that was to beset South Africa towards the end of 2011 and continues to this day. The desire was to build a renewable energy design and manufacturing business that would enable South Africans who sought energy independence and those that did not have access to the national grid to have viable alternatives to conventional diesel or petrol run generators. The business has grown steadily since then - based on the philosophy that fair pricing and exceptional workmanship & customer service forms a long lasting relationship with clients. Concerns around load-shedding and energy security continue to motivate clients to invest in renewable energy sources, particularly Solar PV and Wind Turbine.

Our Service

We take pride in building energy solutions that are of exceptional quality and workmanship, using high quality components manufactured by leading electronic brands, such as Schneider, Victron, Mastervolt and ABB. This allows us to provide our clients with the comfort of knowing that their investments are backed and supported by reliable, well established and responsible global brands.

We invest considerable technical and financial resources in research and development in order to continuously improve our products and design increasingly customer relevant solutions. As part of our desire to make a difference to the lives of rural communities and as part of our social responsibility programme we have delivered a number of pro-bono projects to remote communities that has significantly improved their lives.

Our Markets

Although our focus is on larger industrial systems (> 25kW), we also provide larger domestic solutions, particularly for the purpose of energy independence, typically between 8 – 15kW.

We were pioneers in integrating water treatment solutions together with energy systems, so that a self-contained water treatment system may be deployed into remote areas and be operationalised very quickly. In the event of a natural disaster, these systems are indispensable. This is of major benefit to rural communities, clinics and hospitals, tourist lodges and farms. Surplus energy production may then be used to provide a power source for lights, electronic equipment, radios and the like.

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