Solar PV Systems

At Ecotech we design systems that closely match the needs and expectations of our clients, therefore we start with the end in mind.

Industrial Clients

Our engineers will typically meet with the client on site in order to receive a brief and assess the viability of the site and facilities for the intended project. Our engineers and technicians may undertake a number of site visits to gather detailed information and measurements before preparing a first draft proposal.

Ecotech will design a solution, based on the given requirements and provide the cost estimates, detailed plans and schematics, photographs as well as rendering and in the case of larger projects, scale models of the intended final product. A timeline analysis is presented at the same time.

Once client approval has been obtained, the site will be prepared and work commences.

Domestic Clients

A useful start is to fill in our Energy Calculator which provides a good indication of your energy consumption currently and the extent to which you need to optimise your home for better energy utilisation. This will provide us with a broad idea of system requirements and associated costs and allow us to provide you with a rough estimate quickly. Should you wish to proceed with the project in principle, one of our technicians will conduct a site visit to you home to determine the suitability of the structure, including existing electrical infrastructure, in order to refine the engineering detail for the installation and firm up the quotation.

On acceptance of our quotation, we will proceed with the manufacturing, installation and commissioning of your system. Depending on the complexity of the project, it normally takes 4-6 weeks from order to commissioning.

Powa Cube DIY Systems

We offer two partially pre-built systems that require a minimum level of technical skill to self-install. These are “island systems” that cannot be connected to your existing domestic electrical system; instead they operate independently. They are ideal for domestic load shedding, for use on farms and in rural areas where there is no access to the national grid. These are relatively powerful systems that allow the user to connect a refrigerator, TV, lights and a number of electronic appliances and run them on a permanent basis. Systems are provided in kit-form and can be assembled in a matter of 2-3 hours with the tools provided. Clear easy-to-follow instructions are provided.

Solar PV Systems
Powa Cube DIY Systems
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